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The Most Reliable, Extensive, Consistent and Granular ESG Data and insights

Viridian enables investors and financial stakeholders to overcome critical information gaps when factoring ESG metrics into investment processes, by providing extensive, reliable and accurate climate and ESG data.

Viridian uses cutting edge big data and AI technologies with advanced intelligence methodologies to gather unique signals from mainstream and alternative data sources and provide ESG assessments and insights throughout the investment lifecycle, enabling impactful data driven decision making within your ESG integration processes.

Use Cases

Viridian’s big data ESG solution is designed to address the need for high quality, reliable and granular ESG data and insights throughout the investment lifecycle - from opportunity scouting and full market, region and sector analysis, through opportunity screening and due diligence processes , all the way to post investment portfolio monitoring, reporting and operational improvement.
Viridian's extensive, consistent and highly granular information, which cuts across regions, sectors and asset classes, enables a piercing view into the internals of companies and their physical facilities operational information, allowing an un-paralleled ability to identify and act upon concrete regional risks and opportunities.

Portfolio Analysis, Reporting and Strategizing

Report on and monitor your portfolio companies' ESG performance on various metrics using various reporting frameworks, identify company and asset level regulatory and physical risks, perform benchmark analysis and track improvement over time.

Investment ESG Due Diligence

Access a variety of accurate ESG data points and insights on investment opportunities - at the company and its physical assets level. Access a wide range of ESG references and reports, carbon footprint information, social metrics and more.

Asset Scouting

Identify investment opportunities by having a bird's eye view of full sectors and regions, slice and dice to identify companies and assets aligning with your investment strategy and theme based on multiple company level factors and performance metrics.


Viridian's flexible data model allows for multi-level analysis capabilities, from full sectors and regions, through portfolio level analysis, company level, all the way to the physical asset data and insights.

With our highly customizabe analytical platform, our customers can easily create customized solutions for any ESG process and need, as they evolve and progress, or use the build-in analytical tools to get started with a broad range of ESG dashboards and reports from day one.

The open-ended extensible platform enables easy integration to customer's BI systems at the analytical layer, and to customer's data sources at the data layer, and also includes a built-in customizable online questionnairs module for data collection from portfolio companies, all seamlessly fused into your analysis and reporting processes.

Leadership Team

We are a team of Hi-Tech veterans, Big Data and AI experts, coming from the top Israeli data, tech and intelligence community, with vast experience in creating cutting edge big-data analytics mission-critical decision support systems.

We believe that technology and data hold the key to solving humanity’s most challenging problems.
It is time to harness the power of AI and Big-Data for the environmental and climate crisis, accelerating the sustainability transformation of the global economy.

Ori Ofek


Tal Schneider

Product Manager, Head Of Data Operations

Gerry Michaeli

COO, Business Development and Sales


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We TLV Building - 152 Begin St. Tel Aviv, Israel

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