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We Index The World's ESG Data To Drive Sustainability Wins

We Index The World's ESG Data

Viridian provides the next-gen sustainability information solutions for financials institutions, corporations, and governments, by indexing the world’s ESG data, using military grade intelligence, big data, and AI technologies.

With Viridian’s ESG insights, analytics, and projections, companies and organizations can reduce risk, access new business opportunities, and gain competitive advantage.


Viridian’s global ESG information and insights are applicable to a wide range of markets and sectors.

Using Viridian's wide scale informations sources and signals, our customers can assess ESG performance and metrics of organizations, products, materials, markets, sectors and more, while accessing both high resultion data signals and wide-range analytics capabilities.

For Financials

Analyze portfolio companies' ESG performance and risks, access ESG reports, measures, certifications, violations, media items and more, while receiving alerts on emerging risks and opportunities.

For Manufacturers

Accelerate your sustainability strategy by analyzing current ESG performance, assessing benchmarks and find superior ESG alternative suppliers, materials, products and more.

For Authorities

Analyze your ESG performance and create improvement plans based on market alternatives, analyze ESG status under jurisdiction for policy making and predictive planning.


Using cutting edge data-gathering technology, data-analytics engines and AI-powered predictive models, Viridian provides the industry with the insights required to navigate its sustainability and ESG strategy, to gain competitive advantage, reduce risks, and lead the market with the most advanced industrial and business practices.


We are a team of Hi-Tech veterans, Big Data and AI enthusiasts, coming from the top Israeli Data and Tech community, 8200 Unit and SAP, with vast experience in creating breakthrough data gathering analytics and actionable mission-critical decision support systems.

We believe that technology and data hold the key to humanity’s most challenging problems.
It is time to harness the power of AI and Big-Data for the environmental and climate crisis, accelerating the sustainability transformation of the global economy.

Ori Ofek


Tal Schneider

Product Manager and Head Of Data

Gerry Michaeli

COO, Business Development and Sales

Morielle Lotan

Head Of Business Development US

Omer Caspi

Head Of R&D

Nicole Negby

Lead Research and Analyst

Almog Schallamach

Data Analyst and Data Engineering

Yuval Tarshish

Data Analyst and Data Engineering

Daniel Noach

Data Acquisition and Webint Analyst

Sophia Igdalov

Data Analyst and Modeling

Reut Zuzel

Webint Analyst

Shiri Hefer

Senior Environmental Expert


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